Makoto ICHIKAWA Researchers Information
Faculty of Letters / Faculty of Informatics, Chiba University
Job title
Emotion, Perceptual Sciences and Design Engineering, Proprioception, Binocular Stereopsis, Cognition, Perception, KANSEI (Aesthetics), Algorithm, Reaction-Diffusion, Space, Time, Attention, Audition, Vision, Trial Lesson, Design Education, Image Measurement Processing, Color, Impression Formation, Three-Dimensional Space, Activity, Audio-Visual Stimuli, Stimulus Onset Asynchrony, Phase, Spatial Frequency, Spatio-Temporal Properties, Motion, Information Integration, Head Movement, Binocular Disparity, Motion Parallax, Depth
Related website
Department of Psychology, Division of Behavioral Science, Chiba University
Information on academic societies
  • The Society of Photograph and Imaging of Japan
  • Vision Sciences Society
  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
  • Japan Society of Kansei Engineering
  • The Japanese Society for Cognitive Psychology
  • Vision Society of Japan
  • Japanese Psychonomic Society
  • The Japanese Psychological Association
  • The Japanese Society for Time Studies

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