What is “Digital Citizenship” Education that lives in a future society? 

Today in Japan, personal computers and digital tablets are actively used even in elementary schools. Until recently, it was common for parents and teachers to unilaterally restrict, fearing the risks of children using these devices. The emphasis now is on “digital citizenship,” where students think on their own and make their own choices regarding “best behavior.” To understand the rise of information and communications technology (ICT)-based education from its inception to its use in current times, we spoke with Professor Kenji Miyake, Vice-Principal of the Junior High School affiliated with the Faculty of Education, Chiba University. With the complete support and trust of Professor Daisuke Fujikawa, the Principal of the school, Professor Miyake is moving forward with ICT education.  Launching ICT education in the 1990s with the involvement of the Junior High School  Please tell us about the timeline of your involvement in ICT education.  After serving as a teacher in Industrial Arts at a junior high school in Chiba … Continue reading What is “Digital Citizenship” Education that lives in a future society?